503 84th Street
Brooklyn, NY - 11209
V E N D O R S  •  R A F F L E S  •  E V E N T S
Thank you all for coming to Geek Fest 2017! We hope you had a great day shopping our exclusive vendors, competitng in classic tournaments, playing you favorite games and taking pictures with all the talented cosplayers!

A special thanks to all of our vendors and staff for making Geek Fest possible.

see you next year!


Photo Credit: Danny Suriel (@DS_Photography716), and images taken from social media (#brooklyngeekfest).

  1. Who are you gonna call?
  2. Free Play!
  3. Warming up for tournaments?
  4. Lovely ladies working the admissions and give-a-ways!
  5. Am I in heaven?
  6. Vending!
  7. Megan Chevatewa
  8. Long Island Gaming Expo!
  9. Busy day Basso?
  10. Nothing like a little Famicon!
  11. Super advantage?
  12. Gotham City Games
  13. Spiderman, Spiderman . . .
  14. Joe with the fannypack working Gotham City Games table.
  15. Tempted Ink creating woodburn art!
  16. Tempted Ink
  17. Cosplay Winner!
  18. The hangout lobby.
  19. Ghostbusters teaching the youth.
  20. FIFA Tournament!
  21. Super Smash Bros. - WiiU Tournament
  22. Wait a second...
  23. Wild Pikachu at admissions!
  24. Adventure Time!
  25. Ralph, coordinator of Geek Fest reading off the winning tickets!
  26. Jill Valentine
  27. Wolverine Cosplay!
  28. The plumber everyone loves!
  29. More FIFA!
  30. More Ghostbustin!
  31. Sailor Moon!
  32. One Piece
  33. Magneto & More!
  34. Solid Snake
  35. 501st Legion
  36. Nestalgic Bits!
  37. Great cosplay couple!
  38. Adventure Time!
  39. Family Goals!
  40. Title 42
  41. Title 43
  42. Ralph and the graphic designer for Geek Fest!
  43. Jesus Loves Gamers!
  44. He got a ticket.
  45. Nintendo Switch Give-a-way!
  46. Kylo Ren
  47. Startrooper
  48. Darth Maul
  49. Basso with the Mario
  50. The Star Wars 501st Legion Crew!
  51. Time to go into action!

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